Emoov Mobility Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop shop for Multi-Brand (EV) Dealership. Emoo acts as an aggregator of OEMs, Dealers, Assemblers, Financial Institutions and Service Network. Emoo offers multi brand EV sales & service franchise network to OEMs and FIs.

Emoo is offering a wide range of electric scooters from leading manufacturers to Dealers & End Users. We provide a hassle-free Buying/Dealership experience, including financing options, Choice of Brands, Quality Assured Products and Maintenance Services. We also offer a variety of accessories and parts for electric scooters, making it convenient for Customers/Dealers to find everything they need in one place. At our dealerships we also offer test rides and demonstrations, allowing customers to try out different models before making a purchase. Emoo’s goal is“To be Croma for EVs with atleast 1000 stores and 5000 service & spare points” and to make electric scooters more accessible and convenient for everyone, and our dealership services support this mission.

Services for Brands

  • Sales Network:
  • CKD Finance: 
  • Co-Assembly:
  • Dealer Finance:
  • Consumer Finance:

Services for Dealers

  • Choice of Brands:
  • Dealer Finance:
  • Customer Finance:
  • Quality Assured Products:
  • Quality & Timely Assured Services:

Services for Assemblers

  • CKD Finance:
  • Contract Assembling:
  • Co-Brand Assembling:
  • Plant Setup:
  • Brand Associations: